November 22, 2014

Willow House Style for Homes and Designer Jewelry

Willow House Style for Homes and Designer Jewelry

Sue Bennett – Delaware
Director and Founding Design Consultant

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Sue Bennett, Independent Design Consultant for 10 years.  I help you dress your nest and look your best.  We are the first multi division direct sales company in direct sales, giving you the option to reach out to more clients.

Products and Services Available

Beautiful exclusive line of home decor and Designer Jewelry by Sara Blaine.  I can help you pull it all together!



  1. Want to join the first multi division company in Direct Sales? Contact me for information. I’d love to CHAT with you:)

  2. I am learning metal arts now. I really enjoy the process of making jewelry. How do I become a designer? Do I have to join a lot of contest and go to graduate school? Maybe I will try all I know to be one. But, firstly, which language do I have to learn? Danish or French? Thanks a lot. : )

  3. I want to be a jewelry designer because I’ve got some ideas, does anyone have any information as to how to go about something like this? Or how to get in contact with an agent or someone that can help me out? Thanks!

  4. Anna Marie says:

    @gorjuss and @plantation,

    I’m not sure that’s the purpose of this post. If you want to become a consultant for Willow House, you can contact Sue above.

    Or if you want to learn to make jewelry, you can try here:

    Anna Marie

  5. Perfect. Now many people will be able to decor their house with what they want and how they want their house to look. This is really a great idea to use talent and earn good money at the same time.
    Liane Markus recently posted..הרב לייטמןMy Profile

  6. Dorothy Muller says:

    Willow house is all about designing right?

    Dorothy Muller

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