October 22, 2014

Run With The Momentum

What do you think of when you read the word momentum? I think of a marathon runner, keeping the pace, never slowing down to let the person on his tail overtake him. Just as a marathon runner holds a steady pace, so as to not expend his energy too quickly and sputter out, so should you in direct sales. How do you do that? What is a steady pace in direct sales and how do you keep from sputtering out?

I knew you were going to ask, so without further ado, here are some tips and suggestions to help you get the momentum and keep it going in your direct sales business.

1.       Start off strong but steady. Don’t take off too hard and fast. By that I mean book your first six shows, but no more. Book them over a two week period, 3 in the first week and 3 in the 2nd week. From there you will get other bookings for the following weeks, so you want to take it nice and steady. You don’t want to overbook yourself from the start because you will feel tired out and then get burned out from the get go. Not to mention, your family probably won’t like that you’re gone all the time. Plus it makes it harder to keep records when you over book yourself, then you get behind and feel unorganized. Starting out with a steady pace will keep you organized and going strong during your direct sales career.

2.       Keep the momentum going by setting a goal of getting at least two bookings from every show. Be sure to book your new shows the same as in step one; 3 in one week and 3 the next week. In most direct sales businesses, holding 3 shows a week is enough to earn a good income. Plus you will probably have a team meeting one day a week and the fourth day you will need for record keeping and organizing. If you need to hold more shows, choose the 3 days in a week and hold 2 or 3 shows each day. You could do a morning and afternoon or evening show. Be sure you are prepared with meals and that your family is okay with this. You don’t want to be gone 8 hours a day, 3 days a week when your family needs you.

3.       Set aside one day a week for record keeping, organization and follow up phone calls. This is very important. You need one day to update your records, record your sales and receipts from the previous week and make follow up phone calls to your new clients, new hostesses, old clients and sales calls. If you keep a steady pace in doing these things, you will keep up your drive and your business will grow and succeed. You won’t get behind and then have piles of receipts to catch up on, sales to record and phone calls to make. You will be offering your customers good customer service by making regular phone calls they can count on.

Just like a marathon runner, when you start out steady and strong, keep a steady pace and look toward the goals, you will keep the momentum. In turn, your business will grow and be successful. Follow these steps and refer back to them often when you need some reenergizing to get the momentum going again.