November 22, 2014

Parties and Chats Are Now Featured on Facebook!

Facebook Events Just a quick update!

All parties and chats are now featured on Facebook.

Some of the benefits of Facebook events are:

*  Extra exposure outside of your own profile – on Mom Chats

*  Ability to send invites

*  Communicate with guests

*  Send reminder updates

How do you get listed? Simply schedule a party or chat using a Mom Chats Room.  The scheduling form now captures all the necessary information to get your party listed on the calendar and inside our Facebook Events!

If you haven’t tried a party chat yet, there’s no better time then now!  Start off with a small group of friends to get comfortable with the process.

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  1. That sounds like fun!
    I’m pretty excited about this new option.
    Dana recently posted..Our Kitchen Redesign – A Jimmy John’s Kitchen! (Part 1)My Profile

  2. I like this new option of Facebook..Thank you for sharing this to us..
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  3. Another cool offer! Thanks for giving me an idea how to make my Facebook a little bit more interesting:)
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  4. This is a great news those who are always using Facebook..Thank you for sharing this to us..
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  5. Hey this is really neat. I’m always on facebook anyway and I’ve gotten quite comfortable using it for things like this. It’s just another fantastic use of facebook ;-)
    Diane recently posted..Going To The Movies… Or NotMy Profile

  6. This is a great information to all Facebook users. It looks very useful and interesting. Thanks for the post.
    Divina recently posted..Happy New Year To All Of You And Hope You Like The Aquarium Fish Photos Here …My Profile

  7. I think its most possible great than the Facebook time line. Thanks!
    Cinny recently posted..Best Time To ConceiveMy Profile

  8. I really like this chat group I am always using this..Thank you for sharing..
    Aline recently posted..Nettle EaterMy Profile

  9. Hi Anna,
    This looks like a great way to get people knowing about events and other things we might want to promote.
    Thanks for sharing.
    All the best,
    Eren Mckay recently posted..Pink and Yellow Baby ShowerMy Profile

  10. Anna Marie says:

    Thank you Eren – I’m hoping it’ll give everyone a bit more exposure to their parties :)

  11. I like option on Facebook.. It is very convenient! The update that is going on with facebook is really quite going well..
    Vanessa recently posted..Tips To Get PregnantMy Profile

  12. Nicholle Olores says:

    This is truly sounds great to all of us. I like this new feature of facebook, it is more fun because a lot of people to know with. Great post Anna, thanks!
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  13. I like this kind feature in Facebook..Its really nice and fun for those who like using this..
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  14. This is fun it emulate the IM feature you get when logged into Facebook- so you don’t need to actually go to your Facebook page to chat with people.
    Derek recently posted..Buy P90XMy Profile

  15. This new feature in facebook I really want to try a lot of my friend try it already they said its good to use and easy to communicate..
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    Thank you for sharing this to us.
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  17. This is sounds great, new things with Facebook page… I’m so excited to check it out…
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  18. There are also a lot of competitions you can enter via Facebook. If you are looking for work in your area or are wanting to sell something this can also be a useful tool for this. Also you can have a lot of fun with Facebook, create a group about something you are passionate about and mix with other like minded people.
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  19. Just wanna tell you I really found this post fascinating and I’ll be pinning this on my pinterest!
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  20. this so great and I like the idea.
    thanks that you shared this.
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  21. Facebook is one of the biggest sites on the planet, with more than 500 thousand per month customers. The site was began in 2004 by creator and CEO Level .The facebook proprietor is creating new structure to keep it reputation in center of people.

  22. This is really wow! Expect the unexpected things to be happen, that what I always say to my self, because there’s a lot of great change happen in a time…
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  23. I thought it was “random” but every time I refresh the same people are there (just in different order)

  24. I really had no idea that you could ‘chat’ to people this way on Facebook, I only used it for my personal friends. This is something that I will need to investigate more, thanks for the info!
    Cindy recently posted..Oversized clutch bagsMy Profile


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