October 20, 2014

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Everyone loves getting gifts that come from the heart. What shows this better than gifts made by hand? While this may make some people panic at the thought of trying to make something arts and crafts, it really isn’t that hard to make a nice gift for someone.  Also remember that homemade doesn’t necessarily mean you got the scissors and glue out. You don’t have to be crafty to make some great gifts.

An excellent gift for a new bride in the family would be a cookbook of all the family favorites. Add some stories and maybe old photos of family gatherings to go along with the recipes. Put together some dry mixes of some of the recipes to get her started. Wrap it in a nice apron, maybe even one that belonged to a relative.  I love creating these on the computer and use MyMemories Suite to create the pages easily. Use Coupon code STMMMS36919 for $10 off and a $10 store credit for after purchase.

For younger kids, a great gift that can be added to during different holidays is a dress up kit. Get an old suitcase or two and fill it with old clothes that you don’t wear anymore. Include hats and shoes. Now and then, add more items to the box. Ask other relatives to contribute to it as well. If you have pictures of family members wearing the clothes, print them out and decoupage them on the outside of the suitcase and then coat with a clear finish. Hit thrift stores for some funky styled scarves and shoes to really get their imagination going.

Do you have a flower garden during the year? Save the petals, dry them to make your own potpourri. You could buy cinnamon sticks to add another scent and texture. Put it in small containers or mesh bags. Pretty mesh bags can be tied with ribbons to make sachets for people to put in clothes drawers or hang in closets.

Everyone likes to snuggle up with a soft blanket on a cold evening. You can make a blanket and never sew or crochet a stitch. Purchase two pieces of fleece the size that you want your blanket plus an additional 4 inches on each side (the clerks at the store can help you figure out the right amount). Simply cut fringe in about four inches from all the edges about an inch apart. Tie knots to make a pattern around.  This is great to do with school colors for teens and is in fact what I’m making for my nephew this year.

Homemade cookies, fresh from the oven, are a great treat. A lot of people just don’t have the time to make them. You can make a frozen cookie kit. Mix up a batch of their favorite cookie dough. Roll them into balls or cut them out depending on what type of cookies they are. Flash freeze them by putting them on wax paper on a cookie sheet until they are solid. It should only take an hour or so. Remove them from the sheets and place them in a freezer bag. Give them the instructions to bake for two to three minutes more than the normal time or until golden brown. They can be baked in small batches, even in the toaster over, or all at the same time.

Make a box of assorted cards. This is one that I love to do for my Mom as she still sends a lot of mail. You can go to any craft store and purchase packs of pre-folded cards that include envelopes. There are templates online you can print off for free if you would prefer to make your own, but I just like the easiest route. Then get your scrapbook and stamp supplies out and go to town. Create birthday cards for different ages and genders and thank you cards. These are the most popular one’s but if you know an event is coming up they’ll need to send something for, why not add that in the mix. You could even consider creating Christmas cards for them to use the next year.

No matter what your homemade gift, be sure to include lots of love in the making and it will sure to be a hit with it’s recipient.

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  1. Its really nice to give home made gifts..For me I really appreciate those homemade gifts..Thanks a lot for sharing this nice idea..
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  2. I love getting homemade gifts as well.


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