October 22, 2014

How to Quickly Clean Your Kitchen


How many times have you gotten a call from friends, or your in-laws, checking to see if you were home? They are in the area and thought they would stop by for a few minutes.  But your kitchen is a mess and your just not comfortable with them seeing it like that? Here are some […]

Clean House


Before I went back to school, over 5 years ago, I would have some kind of get together once a month. Sometimes it would just be friends over, but usually it was a direct sales party of some sort. lol It was a great reason to get friends together and guess what else? It got […]

5 Tips to Prevent House Cleaning Slavery

5 Ways to Prevent House Cleaning Slavery by Rhonda White Do you want more time to focus on your home business and less time cleaning your house? If you hate “cleaning day” put an end to it by marking it off your calendar. There’s an easier way to maintain a clean house than slaving away […]

Quick Organization Tips for your Home


We’ve all had that last minute phone call with someone saying the dreaded,”I’ll be right over.” NOOOOOOOO, give me 2 hours minimum PUHLEEZE. Here are some tips to help you get your home ‘guest ready’ in a matter of minutes. It’s known as the 10 second tidy in my house Living/Family Room Pick up any […]

Cleaning Out the Cabinets in Your Kitchen


Cleaning out and finding space in your kitchen cabinets can be a difficult, trying experience. There seems to be so many items, and just no where left to put them!  Items have been tossed on top of each other just to get them off the counter. It doesn’t take long before you’re not even using […]

House Cleaning Tips


These are some great tips for keeping housework under control. When you let the housework pile up you become overwhelmed and if you are like me it leads to it piling up even more because I ignore it. Keep it manageable and less stressful. House Cleaning Tips by Amber Bishop An organized house is the […]

How to Make Cleaning a Kitchen Easy


Kitchens are the centers of our lives. We cook, converse, and even eat in our kitchens. Perhaps that is why getting motivated to clean a kitchen is 99.9% of the battle…and elbow grease is the other 0.1%. The reason for this is mostly because of all the rooms in a house, the kitchen alone has […]

Deep Cleaning Kitchen


I have no idea what is wrong with me but I am deep cleaning my kitchen. I got a wild hair and I’m staying up all night rearranging the cabinetss and scrubbing the floor by hand. Why is it that mops never actually work? The only way to get a floor truly clean is good […]

Cleaning Your Home Office or Computer Room


Your home office can be the central business center of the home, and oftentimes with all of those papers and documents, it may be hard to focus on where to get started, or exactly how to clean. Dust is public enemy number one when it comes to a home office. It seems to pervade everything, […]

Spring Cleaning Has Started

extra bedroom

Inside and out the cleaning started on Monday. The sun was out and it was over 40 degrees so we could open the windows and let some fresh air in. The sun has gotten me started and I’m ready to run with it. I’m looking forward to getting so many projects done inside and out. […]